The Love of Christ

Faith and love, Two things that are vitally important in our life and our walk with God. But faith alone means nothing. Love is a key and important part of life. Jesus showed love for everyone that him came in contact with. This is a trait that gets lost in today’s culture.

We are so divided in everything. We let political issues and other things push us apart to the point that we lose any form of love for that person. Jesus showed us what love truly is. It is showing compassion and understanding to people even if we don’t agree with them. Love is trying to help someone and guide them to a life that betters them. Even as Jesus died on the cross he showed love and compassion. He asked the father to forgive them. He showed a amount of love for the people that were killing him that we struggle to show to someone who may not agree with how we think.

We surround ourself with like minded people and get used to that environment and anything that begins to threaten that we see as bad and turn away from. We can look to Jesus again and see that he surrounded himself with a mix of all opinions and types of people. He didn’t just go to the church to find the disciples. We went out and found people from all walks of life. He even let someone close to him that he knew would betray him and he still showed him love through all of that.

I say all of that to say this. In today’s culture more than ever we have to show people that love. That love that shows them we are not just trying to tell them they are wrong but show them that we are doing what we are doing because we love and care for them. I believe we push so many people further away from a walk with God because we focus so much on trying to change them that we forget we have to love them.


A Perfect Gift for the Apple Lover Now

We all have the person in our family that is the tech junkie. In my family that just so happens to be me. Well if the tech junkie in your family also happens to love everything Apple then I have some news for you.

Amazon Alexa will now have access to Apple Music. This being the first smart speaker with that capability. This feature used to be locked down to the Apple HomePod. A very over priced home assistant created by Apple.

Procrastination, How I Waste My Talent by Wasting My Time.

You ever just read something especially something from God’s word that just slaps you in the face? I opened my bible app today for the first time in a while it feels like and a I opened a plan I had been reading. The plan is about Godly success and the devotional was about procrastination.

Procrastination is something I struggle with a lot in my life. I get my heart sat on something or feel lead by God to do something and I tell myself that I will do it later. But later never seems to come and then later on it will come up or God will remind me of it and I feel bad. I feel like I have a lot of talents that God tries to push me to use but I let my fear of failure push me back. Even though I know that I know that if God is telling me to do it it will not fail.

Procrastination is something that I need to pray on and work on in my life. I feel lead to do so much with the talents God has given me. I just have to stop being lazy and scared and move forward with them.

What is something that you put off or a talent God tries to push you to use for him?

The Best Feature Netflix Abandoned

Lets flash back to the early days of Netflix streaming. The catalogue of movies and shows was small. There wasn’t Netflix Originals and not everyone was binging shows every day.

But back in those old times there was a feature that all of us with a Xbox 360 and Xbox Live loved. Netflix Party Mode. This feature allowed you to party chat with your friends and join in and watch a movie together without the having to try to sync up time of start.

This feature would be amazing now. It could be incorporated on mobile or any of the platforms. Does anyone else remember this?

Average User Review ( iPhone XR)

This weekend my wife picked up the new iPhone XR. She upgraded from the iPhone 7 Plus and was kinda nervous about going to this phone. She got the blue color option and it looks amazing.

Going from the plus size phone to this middle size range had her nervous. But after having the phone for a few days now she feels that the size is the perfect fit. She is able to reach the entire phone without having to move her hand or use one hand mode.

Call quality and speaker sound is incredible. The clarity in the sound is a huge update from the 7 model.

One of the main concerns from people has been the screen. It not being a OLED and having more bezel than the XS models. The Liquid Retina display has beautiful color density and provides a immersive feel. Also the screen is snappy and responsive o every touch.

The camera on this phone is the same one packed in the new iPhone XS models and with the minimal use she has had of it so far it is good but not amazing. That could change with more opportunities to use the camera in good lighting and good conditions.

If you have the iPhone XR what do you like and dislike about the phone? What are some things we missed in this review?

How Apple Got Me Hooked In.

Back story time. I loved Apple for years. Had a iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook. Was fully invested in the ecosystem. But for some reason I went away and went to android. Got a Samsung watch phone and tablet. Loved them at the time. But the biggest issue I had with them was the fact they didn’t feel like they were connected devices as much as they felt like different devices that all served a different purpose day to day.

So fast forward to now. I bought the iPhone 8 Plus last year. From the moment I got them phone I remembered what I had loved about Apple products. The build quality and the operating system being refined and working the way that I expect it to at all times.

My next Apple purchase was just a few weeks ago when I picked up the iPad Pro 2018 11 inch. For a day one review of that check out this article. (I will be writing a review of my time with the device at the one month mark to give a little more detail.) But over they past few weeks I remembered what I loved about having a iPhone and iPad at the same time. It was the ability to use the iPad and not have to have my phone. Because anything that happens on my iPhone comes to me here.

Last night we went to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus to the new iPhone XR. ( Review coming soon) Well of course Verizon had to be to be having a sale going on. So I ended up walking out with a 42 mm Series 3 Apple Watch. I will do a review on the watch tonight.

So now I am back to the same setup I had with Samsung products but it feels different. Everything feels truly connected and seamless. Everything that I had wanted out of my Samsung watch at the time I seem to get out of the Apple Watch and that’s what I was looking for with these devices is the ability to fluidly move from device to device and feel like they all work as one.

What drive you to get Apple products? Or do you prefer Android? Comment below.

Should You get a Apple Pencil?

I have had the new iPad Pro for about two weeks and I can not say enough about this tablet. For writing this and for consuming media it is hands down my go to device. It has all the things that I need to do anything that I need. I will say that one accessory that I will be getting is the folio case with the Smart Keyboard. Typing isn’t bad but sitting down to type like this is a little challenging but not enough to have to move to my laptop.

The one thing I am really thinking on is the Apple Pencil. Since having this device I have really wanted to start messing with graphic design. I have always loved drawing and being creative and I think the Apple Pencil would be the perfect thing to fuel that fire.

For those that have the Pencil what do you enjoy it?

San Francisco 49ers Bus Paradise High School Football Players to Game

With the chaos and sad destruction going on around California. Some good coming out. The San Francisco 49ers went and got the Paradise High School football team and brought them to the game tonight.

Stuff like this is what sports are about to me. It is about showing love and compassion for each other. We live in a world so divided by political and other stupid lines that when I see something like this it makes me smile. These kids are losing everything around them. Their school, the field they practice on, some of them have no home to go to and their entire world is gone.

What are some other great things going on in the world right now?

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